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CowboyStudio LMA-NK-EM Reviews

CowboyStudio LMA-NK-EM Product reviews


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Brand: CowboyStudio

Model: LMA-NK-EM

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CowboyStudio LMA-NK-EM Reviews

CowboyStudio LMA-NK-EM Review by gadget_scavenger

This lens adapter mated my sony nex5 to a nikon 55-200mm telephoto lens (clearance for $80) perfectly. Now my nex5 looks even sexier. har har. Here are some things to consider when using a nikon telephoto lens on a nex5: it is best used for bright daylight shooting, you cannot adjust any aperture on the nex5 at all, you can only adjust the shutter speed and exposure compensation, you will most definetly need a tripod to get any sharp images...daytime or night time, you cannot control the exposure at all while shooting video, manual focus assist function allows 7x and 14x magnification...which is great, I find myself having to do long-exposure shots with still life, you have to increase ISO setting if you want to shoot at a faster shutter speed...which can add unwanted noise. Aside from the above conditions, I'm very happy to have an inexpensive telephoto lens for my nex5 as the sony designated telephoto lens (18-200mm) costs $800.

CowboyStudio LMA-NK-EM Review by The Rocketdyke. "rocketdyke" (los angeles, ca, usa)

Works perfectly when using my old Nikon glass (1960s and 1970s lenses) with the nex-5.

Just go to manual mode, allow the camera to shoot without having lens information, and presto!

As an added bonus, you can remove your nikon lens and put a piece of foil over the adapter to use it as a pinhole lens!

Well-made, tight tolerances, looks like it will hold up well with use.

CowboyStudio LMA-NK-EM Review by mdplayer82 (NYC, NY)

A solid aluminum construction, with simple to understand marking (red circle) to indicate where you should connect the adapter to the NEX-5 (the white circle on the body). Just twist until you hear a click from the body. Do the same with the lens and you are good to go.

The adapter came in a yellow box and wrapped in plastic inside the box. But there's no instructions so I hope the above description is useful enough. There's no aperture control on this adapter so you cannot use the "G" class lens properly as the aperture is set electronically via the body of Nikon cameras.

There's two issues with picking from only the "D" class lenses. 1. They just don't have that many variety compare to the G class. I picked up a 50mm F1.8, which leads me to the 2nd issue. 2. The "D" class lenses are made for full frame cameras. On the NEX-3/5 with the APS-C sensor, there's a 1.6x crop factor, which basically means the 50mm is really a 80mm lens. This works out perfect for me as I really wanted a portrait lens but you have to take that into account. But I almost wanted to return the 50mm lens and get the 35mm as I couldn't get use to the small angle of view, but I'm beginning to love it now.

Overall, I highly recommend this adapter over Sony's own due to price issues. If you must have auto-focus, go with Sony's adapter. But check out Youtube for videos on auto focus speed of the adapter and see if its right for what you need (I can say for sure its useless for auto-focus on sports shots).

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CowboyStudio Nikon lens to Sony NEX NEX-3 NEX-5 Camera Mount Adapter Features

  • To use Sony NEX camera with Nikon Lens, please set "Shooting without lens" in camera menu, set camera shooting mode to A or M, use manual focus and shoot.

  • It allows foucs to infinity. It may pass the infinity a bit, please use LCD to focus .

  • Precise design. Made of Brass And Aluminum, allow install, remove and operate lens smoothly!

  • With this adapter, you can use Nikon F mount lens with Sony NEX NEX-3 NEX-5 Camera. Suppoers Nikon Auto, Non-AI, AI, AIS, or AF-S Nikon G lens if the lens is with F-Stop.

  • Item Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 inches; 0 pounds

  • Brand: CowboyStudio

  • Model: LMA-NK-EM

  • Product Type: Electronics

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