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Model: 282

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Timbuk2 282 Review by E. Hu (New York, USA)

Commuting between NYC and Stamford, CT has really done a number on my shoulders as cute as my shoulder bags are. And while traveling, I finally twisted my right shoulder and said enough. I needed something that was still stylish but got the job done and would let my shoulder heal.

This Timbuk2 bag had exactly what I was looking for in a commute bag:
* stylish and sturdy
* small enough not to dwarf a 5'2" female
* big enough to fit my laptop, a couple of books, day-to-day gear and lunch (but if I bring breakfast and heels, I need another bag)

It was doing such a good job, that I decided to test it as my carry-on on a week-long business trip. Because some international flights back to the US are only allowing 1 carry-on/person, I was careful with what I packed. Result = fantastic!
* laptop compartment made it easy to pull out computer for security screening
* small pocket in the back was just the right size for my US currency and credit cards that I wouldn't need overseas but would at the US airports
* bottom compartment fit charger, mouse, and number pad
* main compartment fit 2 textbooks, a notebook, hat, mittens and some food for the plane
* everything else fit in the front compartment

Not to say there aren't any cons, but I think they're minor:
* there are certainly situations when I need more space (as mentioned above). also my duty-free purchases were not going to fit in the bag with everything else I packed
* lint also sticks to this thing like crazy, so be prepared.
* if you get the white/gunmetal/red combo, be prepared that things show through the white cover, so not a good place for sensitive materials/items
* the white material will obviously stain more quickly than some other colors. A Tide-To-Go stick in your bag might be handy if stains will bother you

Overall, I couldn't be more happy with how versatile this pack has been. It's more than worth the money.

Timbuk2 282 Review by A. Walden (Maryland, USA)

I love my Q ... but the material on the straps and the back panel is ruining my clothes -- it seems that no matter what fabric I am wearing, the Q is too abrasive and my clothes start to pill.

Timbuk2 "Q" Backpack


Timbuk2 282 Review by Joleen (Irvine, CA)

I purchased the Timbuk2 Q in black (w/ neon yellow logo, not the black and pink version pictured here) and have been using it for about 1 month.

I am very happy with this purchase and will recommend others to purchase this bag for daily commute with a limited number of things to carry. If you need to bring gym shoes and other large items, consider the Timbuk2 H.A.L.

Simple Black with Neon Yellow Logo:
I have the black with neon yellow logo version - in this version everything is black, inside/outside the only thing not black is the logo. Simple and no non-sense. The green combo looks pretty cool too, but I wanted something that can pass more professionally. I think the pink and black combo is new. For a limited time (December 2009) the brown version is on sale for $65 on the timbuk2 site.

Slim Size with Medium Capacity:
This is a mid size-slim pack. Does not look bulky at all and very comfortable even when stuffed. I generally use this pack for heading out to a coffee shop to study or general run around campus/school day. I generally only bring a laptop, power brick, personal items, a pair of large over the ear headphones, 2 novel sized books, and maybe a portfolio with some papers in there. It can hold more stuff, but if you have to carry a pair of shoes or large science text books this pack might be too small. Consider this pack a day pack where you can carry a laptop and some work with you but dont bet on bringing the text books from all your classes.

Laptop Compartment for 13" to 15" laptops:
13" laptops generally require medium size and up Timbuk2 bags. In this case I have a 13" intel macbook with room to spare in the laptop compartment. Once you zip up the compartment the laptop stays put so its doesnt flop or bounce around. I have read about people with 15" macbook pros and they say that its a bit tight but nevertheless fits in the laptop compartment. There is a "padding" at the bottom of the laptop compartment perhaps intended for extra protection but it shifts and moves - I suspect when the compartment is zipped up it stays put. The zipper might be hard to get to when you swing the bag around, I still think its very convenient to get to the laptop and appreciate the swig around-ness.

Main Compartment:
Double zipper allowing you to position it for swing around access (positioned on the side) or at the top. This is a fairly deep compartment and will take to shoving of items pretty well. If you dont have much items or the pack is not very full things will fall to/bunch at the bottom.

Front Power Brick Pocket:
Fits a mac brick w/ or w/o extension cable and perhaps other small items as well. I use this pocket to hold an umbrella on rainy days so nothing else gets rained on as I scramble for the umbrella. The pocket tapers making for a "vertical" messenger bag feel and perhaps also for swing around access. Note when packing - This pocket is not gusseted so it will take up space (although as a separate partition) from the main compartment.

"Command Center" Compartment:
This is the smaller compartment which is like the flap of a messenger bag. There are lots of organization pockets in there but I would like to see more organization pockets in the main compartment. there is a "divider" that separates about 1/2 the compartment holding everything else in - this allows for more stashing and not worrying about things falling out when you unzip. This is usually the space I have the most stuff jammed in (I have many small items hence I dont place them in the main compartment). When stuffed this space will press against the main compartment and act as a compression to hold things in the main compartment in place.

Swing Around Access:
Start practicing! When on the go you can swing the pack and get to things you need without taking off the whole pack. One side targets getting to your laptop compartment and front pocket, swing to the the other side for the main, power brick, and command center compartments.

When holding this pack by the side it looks like a messenger bag and you can easily access the command center or main compartment (both equipped with double zippers). As you carry the bag on its side the back straps dangle and cannot be hidden (tripping over the straps might be of concern for shorter people like me).

Oh yes, and a water proof bottom, exterior and zippers (well as water proof as zippers can be) - resisting water is a staple of Timbuk2 products.

Update Jan. 10th

Fabric update -
Timbuk2 started using the super light weight "Mission6 Nylon Fabric" for the newer color combos including the Black/Pink combo. The "first" gen bags like the Brown/Black combo, black & yellow swirly, and dark/light green are made of Timbuk2's signature ballistic nylon.

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Timbuk2 282::Description

The smallest Timbuk2 pack, the Q is a cleverly designed daypack for students and commuters. Swing Around access makes it easy to dig without take off your pack and the built-in laptop compartment protects your machine. Front panel of organization is your command center on the go.

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